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Thread: cycle question

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    cycle question

    ok im not gonna do this so dont flame, im just askin if this would be even considered. a cycle with only d bol, winstrol , and anadrol ??? would this just be mentally retarded to do such a cycle. i have a feeling it would make the liver implode but open for some input

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    Quote Originally Posted by onthecumup
    i have a feeling it would make the liver implode but open for some input

    Three 17aa's all at one time???

    Yea I'd go with your initial feeling...............

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    ..Like Jayhova stated, out of respect for your liver, pick one oral to start off your cycle and add an injectable test.
    ..If it's your first cycle I'd go with a test-only cycle( no orals) so you gain some familiarity with your body's reaction...

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    Not a good idea to use those. 3 orals = 3times as harsh on your liver. Sticking to the basics is your best bet. A test base, and some oral to "kick start" the cycle. I'd use winny at the end of the cycle instead of at the start though.

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    You would be bloated like used tampon and your liver would look like swiss cheese!

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