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Thread: T3 or T4?

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    T3 or T4?

    In my last cycle of HGH i used ED 25mcg T3 to compensate lower production in the body due use of AAS and HGH..

    But is it also possible to take T4 in 100ug instead of T3... i can easliy get T4 at the moment and T3 is a problem.. Also i heard T4 is smoother for the body and give more steady levels in the blood..

    I know T4 must be transformed in the body to T3..

    Anyone have some good advice?

    Thanks in advance.....

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    I've not used the two but I would imagine T4 might even be preferred, that is if you are bulking. Pinn has a great article around here somewhere showing AASs suppressing thryoid function as a myth. I do believe GH can reduce levels, but not by too much. What I am saying is you probably dont need the 'power' of T3 and dont even need any of thryoid hormones.

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