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    Primo-winnie cycle

    Hi All:

    Whats the best combination of primo and winnie for a 12 week run?
    I am only looking for moderate gains, and almost zero side effects.
    I dont want anyone to notice any "rapid" size growth... just a nice little growth with some toning.

    P.S What could I expect to pay for the cycle anyone suggests?

    Thanks Always RUSH

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    Im assuming you dont like having sex?

    Are these orals or you pinning?

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    I am thinking of taking a similiar cycle in about a month or so. i am going to try primo, eq, and t-bol, be prepared to spend some money on the primo, especially if you wanna take it right. I just tallied up the cost of this one I am going to run, it is about $850, with about 2/3 of that going to the primo...

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    Winstrol and primo stacks very nice!
    winstrol-50-100mgs ed 1-8
    primo-600-1g. ew 1-12

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