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    injected in vein

    Well after being on hold for an hour, knowning I need to take my shot, i decieded to try and hurry up, cut the 2 E amps, Get the deca out, fill the syrine and inject.
    Well I just get it pushed in and I hear on my speaker phone hello,
    So insted of aspirating (ass shot), I hurry up and push the 2.5 cc's in my ass. I couldnt stop coughing and chest would hurt when breathing in. I am fine now,
    Did I waste the shot. I used a 22 gauge 1.5 inch,

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    that sucks bro, I hit a vein in my shoulder before.... I dont think whole thing i wasted maybe some, due to face an example is when you dont go deep enough and people get lil juce boils... thats wasted gear, but if it doesnt swell up, i think its good

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    I have done that before, worst pain in the world...Thats why I only shoot into the buttocks and thats that...

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    you know you love the juice when you inject into a vein and are more worried about wasting the gear than the fact that you could have died

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    I couldnt stop coughing and chest would hurt when breathing in. I am fine now

    is this the typical reaction when injecting in a vein?

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    Yes, when u hit a vein you tend to taste the substance in ure mouth, feel light headed, feel like throwing up and start to cough. These are the common symptoms of a person who hit a vein while injecting intramuscularly. Don't worry your gear did not go to waste. Its just that a very (negligible amount IMO) had seeped into your blood stream.

    The answer to the question, "what happens if i hit a vein?" is still very vague. We haven't really gotten any scientific theory or articles to back the fact saying that only if you injected a large enough amount into your vein you would suffer a cardiac arrest. Some of us here believe that it would be similar to injecting air into ure veins. But thats just the theory some of us here believe to be true.

    Anyways ure safe. Just make sure you aspirate the next time to be safe.
    Good luck bro and enjoy the rest of ure cycle.

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    I heard you can inject up to 3 cc's of air into your body when your going intramusular before dying... which means that theres really no need to worry about minor air bubbles when going intravascular, granted they wont kill you... just not good

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    man wend you inject never do it in a hurry...if the phone ring let it ring and finish your shot.


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    You didnt inject all the juice in your vein, you would have a stroke. You probably went through a small one and gear on needle from drawing sept in. Ive have it happen, sweating and none stop coughing for 5 mins., dont worry you didnt waste your gear.

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