It wasnt until I got on this board that I learned about how many people use prescription anti-e's, ect. The people that got me going with as never talked about using any. It wasnt until I started my own reaserch that I learned about some easily obtainable things you can use on a cycle to help prevent a number of things.

1000 iu vitamin E and 3-6 grams vitamin c a day to strengthen heart

1000 mg saw palmetto- fights against conversion of dht

500mg milk thistle- promotes healthy liver function, im sure this one insnt new to anyone

Glucosamine/chondroitin- helps strengthen joints when muscle strength increases faster joint strength-arms getting a little shakey or sore joints the next day is a good sign you might want to get some, expensive though

This may be common knowledge to some, I got all info from "priming the anabolic environment", I think, I gave it to a buddy while ago. I will probably end up using only this stuff due to problems finding a source, I just got my sample order in today from Pharmagroup but dont want risk my money. Just thought id throw the info out there, hopefully its usefull.