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Thread: On Probation

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    On Probation

    Well i just found out i will be on probation for the next 6 months. I know they issue drug tests, but AS wont show up in these tests right? My charges were not in any way related to steroids if that matters

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    They wont test you if it wasnt drug related.... Atleast thats how mine was...

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    I am on probation and took a UA this morning. They can test for juice, but it is extremely highly unlikeley. Its costs the state too much money to check for this.. And i am on probation for something not drug related and they gave me a UA this morning..

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    you should just turn yourself in now and get it over w/.

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    I am also on probation right now and have been on the whole time. They do not test for aas at all. Im sure if your charges have something to do with aas then they might but from my knowledge they do not test for that at all. Im off on Feb. 1 2006 I cant wait

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