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    What the heck do I pick?

    OK I think I found a good source. I can get just about anything. So what the heck to I pick?? I am totally new to this so I am lost. I didn't realize there were so many different types of gear!

    I am for sure getting some HGH and running a 6 month cycle. Nothing major... 2IU/day four days per week (its what I can afford).

    I am looking at running a good stack cycle during that time, too. But what the heck do I pick?

    I was really leaning towards a deca / winstrol stack. But I might have to be tested this fall and heard deca will screw that. Looking for something that isn't really really toxic (why I like the idea of deca so much... heard its pretty good stuff).

    Deca, dinabol, winstrol, cyp, sus 250 or other???

    Going to use HGC to end the cycle. How about Clomid and/or Nolvadex ? Anyone else throw in procecia to be safe (I like my full head of hair)?

    I am 5'10" and my normal weight is 167. I am down to 152 now though... lots of stress the last four months and I lost a LOT of muscle! So I want to get back into things and been working out hard and eating right since the first of the year. But want to kick start things and be in good shape by Aug.

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    bro you need to do alot of research before you jump into the gear. I suggest heading over to the diet and workout forums for a few months at least then you may want to start something. If you were set on doing something i would reccomend 500mg's test enth a week

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    test e, use the winstrol for teh end of the cycle.
    i would use proviron w/ the test e
    run clen through pct with nolva and/or clomid

    use hcg before the end of the cycle for natural test recovery

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    Don't use winny its bad for your cholesterol, furazabol is a better choice, but both are still bad for your hairline. If you are going to use a progestinic compound I would go with tren enanthate over deca . Oral turinabol is a better way to go then Dbol . Estrogenic sides with Dbol are too strong. You're probably aslo better off using LR3IGF-1 instead of gh cause its cheaper. Also, although most people recomend test enanthate you may be better off with cyp cause some test enan gives people test flu.

    EQ 1000mg/week
    test cyp 100-250mg/week or proviron (to maintain sexual function)
    50mg oral turinabol /day

    Something like this would have mild sides, would be easy on the hair, wouldn't require aromatase inhibition, and would give high quality gains. As you can see almost everything I said up there goes agains conventional wisdom, so your best bet is do learn more about it so you can decide what's best for you.

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    what is your cycle experience? you dont sound like you have much knowledge about how to cycle properly. 2 IU of HGH is too low of a dose to give you much results. Besides GH is more of an advanced drug. Just get some test e, nolva and clomid. At 150lbs I really question your diet and training. You need to get that back on track before hitting the gear

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    If your totally new to this do some research man! Your going to get a hundred opinions on this and that when with a few strokes of the keys you can at least have basic knowledge on whats being offered and you'll be able to determine what is well informed advice.

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    bro shooting straight into hgh is stupid...... do research

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    For a first cycle, I recomend Turinabol .
    t-bol 50mgs ed 1-10
    You want need to worry about any estrogen or progestin sides here, as you would with test/deca . Turinabol will also increase libido, its a nice, effective drug that doesnt need anything else to counter its sideeffects.

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    OK some more info...

    I am actually back close to my average weight. Been back eating right and working out for the last 45 days or so. Had several months that I was just in a bad spot. Crazy divorce, job change, holidays... All better now lol!

    Anywho... I'm 32. At age 17 I was 185 and had a pretty good build. I was in a car accident and ended up in a bed for about 3 months w/ a back injury. Afterwards I gained most of my weight back, EXCEPT for my back/shoulders.

    I got some minor nerve/muscle damage on my left shoulder and the muscle wasted away. I could lift about 1/5 the weight with the left side as I could the right.

    Now as a result about 3/4 of my upper body workout has to be back and shoulders. Otherwise my chest overdevelops and pulls my shoulders forward. When this happens I get a lot of pain in my left shoulder as if its out of joint. And no matter how much I work my back/shoulders they never seem to get bigger than "average" since the injury.

    At least that's how I can best explain it. That description is after years of doctor visits and many many chiropractor visits.

    Also, I am a small framed guy. While average "size" my body frame is smaller. I gotta make up for it in muscle. Heck, I only have a 29" waist! Also pretty lean... I run a lot (2 miles/day 3-5 days/week). Weight trained since age 14, but not what anyone here would call "hard." Been lifting a lot more in the last 3 years or so. Have a pretty complete home gym... but will likely go ahead and join the local gym during a cycle.

    So anywho, looking for a good starter cycle to build up some mass and jumpstart the muscles that were injured way back in the day.

    As far as the HGH that came recommended from a doc. I was going to purchase a 500 iu kit so I can do more. But I was going to split it w/ a friend to save a little cash. Doc said 1 iu/day for anti-aging and 2 iu/day to aid weight training (in addition to some juice). Was he way off or did I hear him wrong? It was early when he called! lol!

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