my first competition is scheduled in June. I am 5"7' 186, 13-15 % BF. I ran a 16 week cycle in the fall and been off the gear for a month now. The cycle was a Test C and Tren stack, 500mg week 1 thru 6 , 600mg week 7 thru12 and 500mg week 13 thru 16. I saw great results in strength and muscle develpment. I went from 170 to 194 with little gain in BF and bloat. I didnt know about PCT, so i skipped that part and have only noticed marginal loss of strength and bloat. I am eating a clean high calorie diet and plan to start pre contest diet in Feb.

i need advice on a pre contest cycle and what weight to shoot for. i was told i would be in the novice class lt heavy weight or middle weight and would compete around 167. i will post some pics soon for critiquing purposes. PLEASE help ! i have learned more about bodybuilding on this site and see that a lot of support and info is available. thanks in advance