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    First Real Cycle - Need Help

    My credits:

    BF: ?? I'm guessing around 10%
    Age 28
    Been training hard for the past 6 years

    My first AS cycle was d-bol and deca (blew up and got strong) but I had no PCT advice and didn't even know it was an option. My second was d-bol and Sust, again had some good gains put still was in the dark about PCT and had some bad sides with acne and mood - I know I jumped in w/out doing my research. It won't happpen again!

    3rd round and ready to do it right!
    As far as results go - I'm looking keep 15 to 20 lbs once this cycle is over. I was hoping to do this over a week 10 cycle.

    This is the gear I have so for;

    Cyp (10 ml)
    Deca (10 ml)
    Winny (10 ml)
    and Clomid for PCT

    What I need help with is the dosage (do I have enough) and duration for each
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