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    Thumbs up newbie need help please!!!!!

    this is going to be my first cycle i need some advice if this is the cycle for me if not could somebody help
    my stats
    im 27 yrs old
    im 6ft7inc
    weight 270lbs stocky way to much body fat but hold it well
    i havent worked out consistant in years
    i want to gain strength and solid mass
    my cycle would be 12 weeks
    d-bol 30 mg ed 1-4 for a jump start and strength
    600mg teste 1-12
    400mg deca 1-11
    50mg winny ed 6-12
    i want to know if i can achieve strength and huge solid mass instead of flab
    im dedicated to making this happen right so any advice would be greatly appreciated thanx

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    moving this to the steroid forum

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    i, along with many others will tell you that for a first cycle you should just run test. wait to run the other stuff. before you even consider all of that, you need to get be consistent with you workout and deit. you will be suprised what you can achieve on you own.

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