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    2 a days? Questions or New Work Out

    Im looking for a new work out... I feel that Im getting a good lift in every day but only lift for 45-55 mins a day..Is this to short?

    I work out alone, so I get to move from exercise to excersie...

    Do 2 a days place to much strain on the body?

    I was thinking

    Monday - Chest - Shoulders
    Tuesday Back bis and Tris
    Wends - Legs & Abs Cardio

    Monday Chest Heavy in the AM -- and Chest Light weight High Reps at night
    Tuesday Back split up basically 4 exercises in the am and 4 at night..
    Wends - Arm Day
    Thurs - Legs- abs and cardio


    What was your second cycle Routine?


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    2 things

    1. this is the steroid forum, not the workout forum where this thread should be
    2. click submit new thread once

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    My internet froze up, and it kept submitting it self... sorry Did not mean for that to happen


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