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Thread: New lab to me

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    New lab to me

    Hey guys, I cant pm a mod like the sticky says so I will ask here. I have been out of the gym for about a year now and there is a new ug lab.
    "*** Laboratories I-can't-read" The guy is selling piss-cyp in a 10ml, 200mg/ml in grapeseed oil. It has a blue flip off lid and white and blue label with lot and exp.

    I cant remember what I used to pay but the price seems a bit high too(especially for a porno lab)

    If anyone has info about these products can you email me at
    i_like_it_in_the_cornhole@hotmail.cum to clarify about this ug lab.


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    I edited your post... you read the rules but obviously lack comprehenson skills.

    You can't PM a Mod... til you gotten the required posts.. (what 11 more??)

    But you could've emailed a Mod.. by clicking the email link on a Mod's profile.

    Here's a week off to look around and get yourself more familiar with how things are done here.


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