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    For first time AAS users... PLEASE READ !

    Just like some of the guys on this board, I'm really exhausted of reading numerous non-sense threads.

    For all of you guys who haven't used AAS, who are thinking about using AAS and who don't know much about AAS, here are some points you should fallow before posting :

    - There is a "Search" option on the top right corner. Please use it as much as you can to collect information before posting.

    - AAS are not Flinstones vitamins, they are very powerful drugs.

    - A cycle is not just sticking a syringe in your bottom and grow from it . A cycle requiress Knowledge on what you're going to put in your body and what you need to get back to normal after the cycle (PCT), a clean apropriate diet, a serious training routine. Without all this, cycling is worthless.

    - Don't listen to your friends or those know-it-all guys at the gym who say that Dbol , Deca or Winstrol by itself is good, and that you can run it for 8 weeks... TEST in every cycle.

    - If you're under 21 years old and/or have less than 3 years of serious training under your belt : you are not ready for AAS. Plain and simple.

    - Please, oh please : When you begin posting on this board, TRY TO IMPRESS US by showing that you know what your saying.

    Also, please read this thread : Newbie Information please read all of this information before posting.

    This said, There are very knowledgable Members, Mods and Vets on this board. If you want to get the help you need, PLEASE do what those useful persons derserve : WRITE INTELLIGENT AND MATURE POSTS.

    Hope you'll understand guys!

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