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Thread: im in love

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    Talking im in love

    wow, started my second cycle monday
    400 mg test e/week 1-12
    300 mg deca /week 1-10
    35-40 mg dbol /day 1-5
    50 mg winstrol /week 7-12

    i know the only thing that could have kicked in by now is the d bol and im lovin this stuff. im eating like 6500 cals a day im up 3 pounds already. my strength SKYROCKETED today and i feel amazing. i cant wait til i get to about week 8 and start feeling the winnie real good and start cuttin up. im 217 right now and hopin to get to 230-235 and then im goin for some clen and hopin to cut down to about 213-215 at about 10% im bout 13% right now. ill keep everyone posted on the progress

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    Yes,those are my legs
    You started your caloric intake at 6500 cals ED(at 217 pounds)?Oh my..........


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    i cant help it, i get up at 6 30 eat: 7 15: lift: 830 eat: so on and so forth. im starving all the time i dont get it

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    have u herd of united-pherm to buy roids from europe

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