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    D-Bol question again

    hey guys just wondering a liitle about D-Bol, your probably tired about theses questions. I'm 25 6feet 215 and worked out for a couple years. I'd like to do a cycle and would like advice on how to take it and with what, if you shouldn't take it alone. Also, is there side effects on your heart or is it just your liver if you don't use some milk thistle and cranberry juice.


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    Welcome to the board!

    What would make you think we never saw these questions before?

    Research Test/dbol ..or Test only cycles using the search feature to the upper right hand corner.The questions you asked can be found using that feature very easily,and you'll accidentally stumble across tons of other valuable information.Once you've completed your research,feel free to come back and post any questions on topics you are unsure of.

    Good Luck-


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    do your research before you start poppin d-bols, your smart to ask this question before you start a cycle. i would suggest 12 weeks of test-e or cyp. @500mg e/w + 30mg of d-bol for the first 4 or 5 weeks.

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