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    newbie, first cycle problem

    Hi guys,

    Iím running my first cycle with deca and test E.

    This is my schedule cycle :

    Week 1 and 2 : 250mg of test E and 200mg of deca (injected on Monday mixed in the syringe)
    Week 3 to 9 : 500mg of test E and 400mg of deca (injected on Monday and Thursday Ė mixed)
    Week 10 : 500 mg of test E (injected on Monday and Thursday)

    I will stop deca one week before test E for a good plan of PCT

    A friend with lot of experience inject me in the glutes.
    i work out for more than 2 years and got good gains, my weight was 201 lbs when i started the cycle with 16% of body fat.

    Iím liltte worried because iĎm in my fourth week and i donít feel anything, i donít have more strengh.

    I gained arround 8 lbs but i think itís not muscle gain.
    Last week i started to feel small balls really hard under my nipples probably due to the aromatization i started tamoxifen citrate(nolvadex ) 20mg ED, the balls are not bigger but not disappear.

    What do you think about that.

    Thanks for help.

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    The nolvadex should help with the lumps behind the nipples. Make sure that you use some clomid and hcg during pct and your balls will come back to you. What you are experiencing is a shut down of your natural test.

    You should be at about the point where you start making some noticeable gains. Everyone is different, but with that cycle, I have heard of it taking some people 5-6 weeks before they notice anything except for some water weight.

    Make sure that you are getting in all the calories that you can. You need food to produce muscle regardless of how much juice you run.

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    thanks guy,

    i don't have problem with my balls, i just said i feel something hard under my nipples prbably gyno signs.

    many people told me you will feel strengh increasement after 3 week, but i don't feel anything i think it's strange. maybe i got a slow metabolism.

    i never take steroid before, i used methyl 1 test, with m1T after one week i felt more strenght.

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    Probably because for some reason you started WEEK 1-2 with low doses.

    Some ppl use HCG for testicle purposes.

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