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    kinda weird situation here guys help

    i started off with a pretty modest cycle of deca and sustonon 250

    i was running 200 of deca and 250 of not for major gains just some strenght but my gear was stolen so i had some eq qv that was given to me, ran that for about 3 weeks at 400mg a week , belive it or not that got stonlen as well, so my buddy felt pitty for me for and gave me some more eq(2 bottles) and a bottle of test 250 cyponiate i ran the eq by itself for about 3 weeks at 400mg and for the last two weeks i have been running 400mg of eq and 250 of test what do u guys think i have seen decent strnght gains and a few cuts here and there what do u guys think i have about 9 weeeks worth do u think i should continue or just start pct and if so what would u guys suggest for pct, thinking about taking a 3 or four week break if i do finish this cycle and start anavar stack any suggestions of what i should stack it with

    heres my history
    6'2 about 230 and 3rd cycle(first cycle decca 200 for 10 weeks(very naive at the time second eq alone for about 8 weeks by itself and cycle before this was eq 5 week cycle at 400mg alone of qv

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    some please give me some input its a tuff situation

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    First off were do you keep your gear?
    Anyone kows about this??
    how manny boltes were stolen?
    BY the way what are your main goals..
    and whit that real gains in strenght or wath so ever!
    Please keep your gear at a secure place..come off for 4-6 weeks with proper pct and star a proper cycle that will you help to agief your main goals,,
    Hope this helps J

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