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    slight case of gyno

    ive been on my dbol test e cycle for almost 3 months now i stopped the dbol 30 days in and in the last week ive noticed a little lump seems semi soft under my right nipple. i havent taken any anti e's the whole cycle. what should i take now? im on the cycle for another two weeks. im getting some clomid tomorrow. should i get ***** Letro? and where can i get that? if its illegal which i dont know then dont answer that

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    oh sorry to hear that bro letro can be bought also from AR no worries btw get some Nolvadex used 40mg nolva ed with 2.5mg letro ed btw dont go higherr than 2.5mg letro it will kill your sex drive clomid is not a strong anti at all get the nolva & letro asap & keep me updated.

    good luck,

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