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Thread: Different oils

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    Different oils

    I notice a lot of people seem to favor grapeseed oil over other oils. Is there any differences in oils.Or what would you suggest for a Deca conversion? Thanks

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    ..I prefer grapeseed oil because it is very thin...I'd suggest injecting a small amount of whatever type of sterile oil you're going to use before you do your conversion..It would suck to be allergic to an oil that you've used to make you hormone with...
    ..few are allergic to grapeseed oil, but I know of 1 vet here that is allergic to grapeseed oil...

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    Does anyone know if peanut oil is considered an allergen? I know that nuts are considered an allergen but what about the oil?

    The reason I ask is that I know that soy is considered an allergen, whereas soy oil is not. Doesn't seem possible to me, but I know that to be true. Was wondering if it was the same with peanut oil?

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