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    Side effects from Deca and Test Cyp

    All,another newbie here with questions. I am on my first cycle and have been on it for three weeks. Diet is very good ranging from 4000-5000 calories/day clean. I have been working out for 19 years. I work out 4 days a week.
    As a first time user and very knowledgeable with "gear" I am wondering if any of you have experienced sides while on Deca and Test Cyp. My dosage is based on novice numbers per week of injection:
    300mgs Deca
    350-400mgs of Test Cyp
    All in all, I just feel miserable after the injection and it seems to tailor off after 4-5 days right up to the next injection. The symptoms are being tired, chills and hot flashes, and very minor flu like symptoms. Sleeping for 8-9 hours just doesn't cut the mustard!
    Friends that have done gear in the past mentioned this is all normal and should taper off after 2 weeks. Is this true? Some say Deca wasn't for them and they switched to EQ due to my similar sides.
    Sorry for the long rant and rave. I just want to know if this is normal.
    By the way, I done alot of research and was wondering if what I am taking is liver damaging? I do know that the orals will raise your liver enzymes as my test results came back VERY HIGH with Winny.


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    Canada me2,eh..
    you forgot to list your frequency per week of injections....

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