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Thread: 1st winny cycle

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    1st winny cycle

    Hey guys im goin onto my sixth week of sust, i kickstarted with Dbol and now i want to add winny to it...i got BD 10mg tabs, they are yellow squares with a line down the middle, one side has B D on it the other 1 0...i was goin to take 50 mg that too much or good?

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    add the winny at the end & finish the cycle with it also will give your liver a break from the dbol as far as the dosage i cant say anything because i never used oral winny.

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    advice please

    am also 6 week nto sust 50mg/week cycle kicked off with 4 weekd dbol and was wantig o add in winni as well. what dose when towards the end of cycle exactly shoudl the wini be added.

    thanks bros

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