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    Loosing water weight = loosing size?

    Thinking about blood and water weight that you will loose after a cycle. Will the muscles automatically decrease in size or is some of the weight (amount of blood etc) not making the muscles bigger on cycle?

    Hard to explain what I really mean. Just wondering if loosing 10 lbs of water weight is the same as loosing 10 lbs of muscle for someone not doing steroids ?

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    Water weight is all the bloat your going to get rid of. It's not like someone losing 10 pounds of muscle. Will you look as fuller, no, but you wont look as bloated. I consider water weight crap I dont like much.

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    Water will fill your muscle, once those stores are full any excess will bind to electrolites outside the muscle cell(ie. sodium & potassium). It will continue to do this at constant rate. especially with highly anabolic steriods , such as, decca, anadrol , dbol ..ect. Creatine works the same way except it fills your creatine stores.

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