I just got some finaplix pellets and have been researching them all night before I start them but still have a few questions as I have seen some conflicting info.First of all this will be my first cycle.I weigh 165 and I am 5'10. If I could get to 180 I would be more than happy.I have heard all about the "fina conversion" and I have some questions about methods of taking this stuff and each ones effectiveness.I would much rather just take it as is but one post I read said I would only see 20% of the stuff!Is this accurate? If it is then why even bother? Also I have read that the toxicity level is very high but then I read another post asking to list the steroids that have caused them the most problems(10 choices and fina was one of them) and fina was the only one that didnt get picked!I care very much about my health and I am a firm beleiver that anything can be harmful to your body IF ABUSED and not taken in the proper way.I am currently off all supplements right now and planned on creatine,glutamine,and andro along with the fina.I just want to be careful before I do anything and any help would be appreciated(dosage,how long to take each)