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    Clen and effect on aerobics

    What effect does clen have on aerobic activity, such as running? I've heard it's good on oxygen transportation but it decreases stamina. Everytime I research this, everything seems to contradict other info. So whats the deal?

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    Good god man, you do like the arcade don't you!

    I think you'll have to try it to see how it affects you as some say it negatively affects cardio whereas for me it makes my cardio seem easier, wierd I know but drugs affect people differently.

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    Damn take it easy on the arcade. It might effect it negatively a little bit, I would avoid taking it right beforehand.

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    i was actually wondering this myself.
    People suggest taking other things such as thermalean POST workout to keep your heart rate up etc..
    but i loove to take it before and just drink tonssaa water. makes my cardio fly by!!

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