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    i think i messed up...bad tongiht(injecting)

    k normaly...i go in super slow into my muscle. aspirate and inject very very very slowly into my muscle. and pull out not quick, but out quicker than i put it...and sometimes i feel dizzy put it in slowly..but once it was in i went down all the way fast...didnt aspirate cuz its the same area as last time, and i figured itd be fine...since ive never sucked in blood before...well...i go ahead, and push in the oil very just hurrin to get it done...and then i pull out fast...when i pulled out BOOM so much blood...but im not dizzy like normal. so i think im fine...i think its just cuz i maybe went thru a vessel, OR just put it in so quickly. eh. we all mess up..just hate to go to ER tonight hah

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    Live and learn. Don't ever rush when your pinning I mean seriously bro.

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