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    Gains stalling....what's the problem?

    I have just entered week 5 of Sustanon -only cycle (250mg shots , twice a week). Have gained 11 lbs so far. But the gains seemed to have stopped at the end of week 3. Strength has increased moderately but has also stalled now. Also on a-dex 0.25mg ED.

    Do you guys think that I

    (a) Need to increase Sustanon dosage?
    (b) Need more calories & protein? (I Increased calories & protein since beginning of cycle, should I increase more? )

    Any other reasons as to why my gains and strength are stalling?

    Thanks guys

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    Getting madcow treatments
    My biggest gains dont come until week 6 or so.

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    what is ur calorie intake.. what is ur height & weight. im a small guy (5'5", 160lbs) so i take in about 3500 a day-4000/day. im on sust250 right now, week 4, & gained w/ (anadrol ) 10lbs. i was 155lbs when i started & now im 160, lost 5lbs of water. i would say its the cals, but lets wait until week 5-6, then u can revamp ur cycle & i'll have an answer as well.

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    eat more!!!!!

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    Canada me2,eh..
    yes.. eating and diet is a huge factor. prob the most important. I ran 500/wk sust kicked off with dbol , and didnt se ANYTHING till week 7-8. be patient grasshoppa.. LOL.. it will more than likely come around then...

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    Don't forget to sleep so you are well rested also! I'm not on gear but if I have about 8.5 hours of sleep a day my workouts and appetite get way better!

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