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    Newbee need help

    Hi all good site.I am 33 and have been tranning for 4 years and was think of a cycle I have a couple of questions I hope you guys can help me with.I have sustanan(250) 8 shots the expirie date was november are they still safe? how often should I take a shot? I naturally have a big chest in school guys though I used and didn't workout so naturally i am really afraid of bitch tit,what do I take to stop it during a cycle?what do you take when your comming off to kep your gains.I have a good routine and diet.The only thing I took was andro 1 bottle and I say good gain from it but when I drank I went into hardass mode and tried to fight everone so this time no drinking.Is there any other side effects I should worry about or anything else i should any info you guys can give would be appericated.


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    Honestly man do more research before you go ahead and inject. 8 shots of sustanon is not enough for a "typical" cycle. Do a search on sustanon and you will get 27302832 threads, you might wanna even stack it with something else.

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