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    I need Cycle Help

    Hi guys I wanted to get a second opinion on this cycle my nutritionist and trainer came up with. From what he told me it all checks out but thought maybe someone else has done something like this. Also I want to know what gains could be expected. Thanks again

    Equipoise Winstrol Sust. 250 Proviron Clomid
    W1 300mg 50mg(EOD) 250mg 50mg(EOD) 0mg
    W2 300mg 50mg(EOD) 250mg 50mg(EOD) 0mg
    W3 300mg 50mg(EOD) 250mg 50mg(EOD) 0mg
    W4 300mg 50mg(EOD) 250mg 50mg(EOD) 0mg
    W5 300mg 50mg(EOD) 250mg 50mg(EOD) 0mg
    W6 300mg 50mg(EOD) 0mg 50mg(EOD) 0mg
    W7 0mg *expire* 0mg 50mg(EOD) 0mg
    W8 0mg *expire* 50mg(EOD) 0mg
    W9 *expire* 50mg(EOD) 0mg
    W10 50mg(ED)*expire* 0mg
    W11 50mg(ED)


    the proviron 8 weeks
    clomid 4 week
    sus 250 5 weeks
    winny 7 weeks
    eq 6 weeks
    right now im 5'9" 220lbs 16.5% bf 18" arms 14" forearms(my weakness damn skinny wrist) about 48" chest 17.5" neck bech 320lbs curl @ 65lbs each arm shrug 375lbs squat 405lbs lat pull 265lbs thats about where im at now
    If anyone could help I would greatly apreciate it

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    moving this to the appropriate forum...


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