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    specific muscle growth

    hi fellas,
    first thank for the site been my savious in doing AS safely and sensibly.

    i read a bit about specific muscle injections to cause spwecific muscle growth. My problem is my arms are relatively small for the rest of my build ( pecs and back particuoarly) and as i get bigger with juice the inequality on proportion gets worse not better.

    in your opinion would bicep injections work to increase there size? if so detailos of frequency and what 2 inject would be appreciated.

    thanks a million bros

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    Nothing will create site specific growth except Synthol and you dont even want to go that route. Other may disagree so I"m ready. Pubmed here we come..................

    I really hope no one argues the myth about LR3 and site growth either. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease. IGF-1 and IGF-1LR3 are not the same thing so save it.....

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    just reducing fat in a specific area is not possible im pretty sure site specific growth is a myth as well. i have read many threads saying that injecting into the muscle directly does nothing, then i have read very few where ppl say it does work.but i think it would be safe to say injecting intoa specific muscle will not make it grow any faster

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