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    clomid post cycle

    if u just finish up a cycle should u always take clomid even if u dont really feel like u need it??? and what signs would tell u that u should use it post cycle?

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    The sign that you used any anabolic /androgenic steroids ... In all seriousness, always use it post cycle.


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    I'm in here with the rest of YOU!
    Your risking your gains and the solid muscle that you put on!
    I want to keep all posible gains and wieght!
    I didnt take it my first cycle and I went in to a unnoticable mild depresion!
    also lost half of my gains!
    when I compare with clomid I feel a lot better and stay motivated!

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    It's not about feeling whether you need it, it's about how your body restores natural testosterone production. Use Clomid.

    Think of it as insurance for keeping your gains. Trying to save a few bucks by not using Clomid and losing gains that set you back a few hundred bucks is just plain stupid.
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