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    Got a question about a Deca cycle?

    Hey guys. Got a question about a Deca cycle that I've already started. I am looking to get my body use to AS by injecting a small amount of deca for 8 wks. I don't want to rush anything and start to take Sust or Test, I just want to work my body in, then do the more heavier cycles. Here is my cyle below:

    Deca Durabolin Cycle
    1wk= 200mg
    2= 200mg
    3= 200mg
    4= 300mg
    5= 300mg
    6= 200mg
    7= 200mg
    8= 200mg
    9-10= Clomid

    What do you think of this cycle for a first timer for moderate gains, but mainly to get my body use to the AS that I will later take. Also, what the hell is "deca dick"? Thanks guys!

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    Don't pyramid it, 400mg a week is a LIGHT cycle, run it at least 10 weeks since it takes 4 just to kick in.

    Add a test or you'll be sorry. If your gonna shut down you nads anyway why don't you do it proper? Sust 500mg's week and Deca 400mg's week weeks 1-10 (or 12), D-Bol 35mg's/ed weeks 1-4, clomid 3 weeks after last injection, and Nolva on hand (Won't help Deca Gyno though).



    More people are not answering because you gave NO idea about your body type, weight, training experience, or diet. Only reason I did is because your gonna do it anyway as you've already started with zippo research from appearances.

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    Sounds to me like you need to do MUCH more research buddy. I have no problem with a mild beginners cycle, but where did you get the idea that you have to get your body "used" to gear? It's reasonable to say that you want to do a lower dose to see how your body reacts, but remember, your first cycle is ALWAYS you best as far as gains are concerned.

    Deca dick may or may not happen. On a deca only cycle (which isn't a good idea IMO....test only would have been a wiser choice) some people have reported NOT being able to get "it" up. Also, by running an deca only cycle, you increase your chance of progesterone related sides....hope you're not prone to this or you could end up with a nice little set of titties by the time you're finished. you have clomid for post cycle?

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    I know people that have had "alright" gains from 200mg/wk of deca . I don't have first hand experience on a deca only cycle, but If It was me I would be doing deca at 400mg/wk not 200 and I would add in atleast 400mg/wk of test in there. I would also have my anti-e's and my clomid's before I even started.

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    400mg a week is a pretty light Deca cycle. 200mg a week is not going to do much.

    Like Pete235 said, Testosterone would be a better beginner cycle and not leave you limp-dicked for going on 3 months... Anotehr option is 200mg Test + 200mg Deca a week. That will give you good gains as well!

    Start the Clomid THREE WEEKS after you finish the Deca, it takes that long for Deca to metabolize out of your system and starting Clomid before you get the Deca out of your system is a waste of Clomid.

    300mg day 1
    100mg days 2-11
    50mg days 12-21

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