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    Apr 2002

    Talking Cycle Update....

    I am beginning my third week of T200@400mg/wk and TTEQ@400mg/wk, and I feel great! My weight has gone from 181 to 191 lbs. I know some is water, but I can see the difference already! I can't wait until the end of this week to see what happens. I will keep everyone posted. Thanks again for all the advice.

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    rangerdudeleads is offline Senior Member
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    im doing same cycle except 600mg of each and Im in 6th week and will start winny in week 8 and have notice my strength increase and finally Im going up in weight, I was 208 and now Im about 215lbs so Im excited too. Keep us updated with your progress plus id like to compare our gains and see if they are similiar. How much have you increased in your bench?

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    congrats guy's .And keep us updated ,i am interested to hear about your gains and strenght increases. Good luck

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    Cant wait to start seeing some gains here im in week 1 of EQ and Fina!

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