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    Smile 2nd cycle...what do u think?

    Hello there! I'm just arriving to this forum, I'm 27 years old, 5'9" and 180 and have been training for 5 years, last sept I did my first cycle with great results I was very pelased, now I am planning the second onw, would like to get a few more quality mass for the summer, so here is the first approach:
    1 Susta 250 Primobolan 100
    2 Susta 500 Primo 100
    3 " Primo 200
    4 " Primo 400
    5 " " Win 50EOD
    6 " " "
    7 " " "
    8 " " "
    9 " "
    10 primo 100 "
    11 2500 UI HCG , 25gED proviron
    12 2500 UI HCG 50gED clomid 25gED proviron
    13 25gED proviron
    14 25gED proviron

    During the cycle:
    Legalon, Nolvadex and proviron

    A question:

    1.After the last cycle I ended with acne on shoulders and back, the dermat prescribe accutane ( had taken it before, 7 years ago) and is working great, is it ok to use it during the 4 first weeks to avoid acne or is it better at the end? I've use it before with great results...but now that I'm on roids...what should I do?

    Greeetings from Mexico!

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    why did you post this twice? Here is what i wrote in your other thread

    do more research first. Dont pyramid your doses first of all, primo dose is too low, winny should be taken every day and your PCT is terrible. This is what a PCT should look like

    Pheedno's PCT

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