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    Look At This!! Need Opinions On How To Stack And Cycle!!

    need to know how to stack and cycle testosterone enanthate with deca durabolin . how many ml's of each, each week and for how long? my goals are for strength and mass. more quality than quantity but still want some good mass gains. i heard gains made with testosterone are very hard to keep? is there a way to stack it with deca so that gains can be kept? guys please help on this one, send in your opinions and facts you all have!!!! thanks!!!!!!

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    dirty goddamn south
    i suggest you read more and do a few simple searches, but to get you started....

    don't do deca for your first cycle
    12 weeks of test E at 500mg/wk is what you need
    keeping your gains depends on proper pct (post cycle therapy )

    here is some light reading.....

    Pheedno's PCT

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    [QUOTE=dirtyi730]i suggest you read more and do a few simple searches,

    exactly... no offence bro, but if your asking how to stack, your nowhere near ready to start.....RESEARCH!!!!!!

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    Yup. Im gonna assume you meant Mgs and not Mls.

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