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    Question Question

    i've been doing alot of research and i feel as if my brain may fry. thats why i turn to you guys. what would you guys suggest going with for a first time cycle sustanon or test enanthate ? i've read some much different info on the two i'm burnt. they both seem to have goods and bads? will the test e give the same pain from the injection? which has the worst water retention and bloats worse? and if i was to do test e what would be a recommended dose? which would stack best with dbol , i would think they'd be about the same but not 100% sure. thanks

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    You may have got more responses quicker if you had used a more informative title to the post!

    And now.....

    Id go with the enanthate for a first time because it is much easier to keep blood levels stable. You can get away with injecting once a week or maybe once every 5 days, whereas with sust you will need to inject at least once every 2-3 days to keep the levels up or you are wasting gear!

    As for water retention Id say the sust would blow you up more, but we are all different in this to some extent so really thats something you will have to work out for yourself at some point.

    Doses: I am an advocate of sensible doses. For a first cycle I would say use 200mg per week of enanthate and if you use DBol with it go for 30mg per day (Split throughout the day)

    You should make some reasonable gains with that but you DO have some anti-e on hand and clomid for post cycle right?

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    Kaz is right on the money, when isn’t he?
    I think you will see nice gains off the 250 mg. On my first cycle I used 250mg of sust for 8 weeks and had nice gains.

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    I'm going to do a cycle of 250 ml of galekia test...and 30 mg d-bol...will keep u posted on results....first time cycle

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