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    anadrol and winny

    hey guys.... i got my hands on some anadrol and winstrol ...... i was wonderin what would be the best way to cycle them.... i have enough gear to do a 5 week cycle but i dont want to do anadrol that long... i was jus wantin some opinions on how yall would stack it.. and i go nolva . do i need to run it during the cycle or jus for an emergency.... help appriciated!!

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    you need some research on how to cycle properly. Drol and winny together is not a good idea. For starter theyre two 17aa steroids which will put a lot of stress on you liver. Besides drol is used for bulking and gives lots of water bloat, winny is more of a cutting drug and used for hardness. Doesnt make any sense to use both at the same time. Get some test before you do anything

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    bad cycle. get some test in the mix.

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    aye Anarol and winny are bad man. get some test and deca and run that drol.

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    i ran anadrol and winny when i was younger and trust me- don't try it. i felt like complete shit, and i came off with no pct. it was probably the worst cycle i've ever done.

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    You need test bro.

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