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    Need help!....for my very first cycle, what is the safest cycle to take

    Hey everyone Iím just writing to ask what would be the best and safest cycle to take for a beginner like me, iv been working out for 5 years, weigh 214lbs. at 6í1 feet, and Iím 21, and never tried anything other than the shakes. Iím just wondering from those of you who have experience with roids and who are professional body builder if you could offer me some advice on my first cycle what I should take. THANX! One day I would like to compete and what better way than to start than with the GAS, lol

    OH and one more thing I wonna be jacked for summer so also what is a good month to start the cycle.

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    as for first time on AAS you will be fine with just Testosterone 500mg every week cycle for 10wks or 12 also do research on "PCT" post cycle therapy & first cycle you will find great infos here all you have to do is to read & if you have a questions just ask.

    good luck,

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