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Thread: Is this enough

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    Is this enough

    I'm going to start my 6th cycle this coming week. The first 3 and a half were a bust because I was going off what ppl told me and not this site, No PCT those cycles. I've done a test enth only cycle, 2 Test 400 only cycles, one test 400 and test ent cylce and test enth and deca cycle. My next cycle is going to look like this

    Weeks 1-10 400mg a week of Test cyp
    Weeks 2-8 60mg ED of Tren A
    Weeks 8-10 Test Prop 100mg ED

    My only question is should I bump the Test cyp up to 600? I have enough cyp to do so but I would like to save one bottle to cruise into my next cycle. Should I bother with HCG ? Any other input on my cycle is appreciated?

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    why would you run the prop for two weeks and stop it when you stop the cyp???makes no sense.i would run the prop weeks that you will still have somehting anabolic in you while waiting for the cyp to clear up.and i would bump the cype for sure to 500 or 600, because at 60 ed of tren you will be running more tren then test and you may have some probs getting it up.

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    Actually it was a typo. I planned on running it weeks 9-14. I was makin that post right b4 I went to get my haircut and was in a rush.Thanks for the advice tho. I'll bump it up to 600 a week on the cyp. It's funny I'll know one way or the other about 400 being enough as I'll be running 600 and a friend of mine running the same exact cycle except he has no choice (not enough money) to leave it at 400. Do you think the dosage of prop is right?

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