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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    Lets start with Ive done a cycle about a yr ago now. Cant remember the name to save my life. I was at the time 6'3 345 with a high % of bf. I dropped serious weight and packed on muscle at the same time. I dropped down to 310 at the end of the cycle. For some reason I stop working out and get lazy now Iam back to 350 and hight blood pressure. Well I have my BP back in control and on 3 medications TOPROL XL 100mg , LOTREL 10-20mg , HYDROCHLOROTHIAZIDE 25mg. Is there a cycle that I can take while taking these medications. Iam determined to work it off and keep it off this time.

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    While being that heavy with high BP I suggest a clean regimented diet to fit your goal. Get back in the gym 3-4X a week minimally and cardio ED on workout days and on off days if possible. At this point you really shouldn't worry about gear. Check out the Diet board, that will benefit you more then the steroid board. Combining AAS and HP is not smart.........

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    AAS are not weight loss drugs. Your issues should be addressed with cardio, exercise and diet.

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