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    german american tech

    has anyone ever tried methyl depot, made by german american tech, it contains methyl 1-test, 5-androstenediol, 20-beta-hydroxyecdysone. i will be soon to start my first cycle in three years and was contemplating taking this in conjunction. also, ive heard good and bad about animal pak. whats the deal with that?

    wk 1-4 75 mg anadrol ed
    wk 1-10 300 mg eq (e4d)
    wk 1-12 400 mg test e (e4d)

    calcium d-glucarate 150 mg ed(anti-e)

    any help is appreciated.

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    so NOT take this with anadrol this is M1T

    VERY harsh on the liver alone plus the abombs will be more then enough!!!

    calcium d-glucarate not an efficient anti E stick with arimidex , letrozole , or aromasin

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    central gerzy
    in 3 years, why post now? i am sure there will be better stuff by then.

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