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    Shooting synthol into my biceps and triceps

    I am almost 20 years old..never did any steroids in my life YET..and im a good solid 223 lbs @ 12% bodyfat. My chest is a cold 48 inches, my quads a cold 28 and a half inches, my back swollen like a Dorian Yates back, is the bodypart that makes me look absurd..SMALL ARMS! Ridiciliously SMALL ARMS! I only have 16 inch arms cold for christ sakes...My arms ruin my confidence...everytime I do a lat spread, I see a nice massive back, fantastic chest..but DIRT SMALL ARMS! Now, if I were to use Chris Clark's Synthosizze pump n pose in order to gain a good 3 inches on my arms would my arms look obviously oiled up at the end? I just want a nice, pumped up 19 inch arms, then when I go on the steroid cycle, hopefully it'll blow up to 20+ inches. I plan to have a bodybuilder who is experienced in this field, inject me in the right spots (bicep head and tricep head). If used properly, how dangerous would SYnthol actually pose to be? As far as im concerned, there is no steroids in synthol, so I could probably go ahead with it, and start shooting up this stuff BEFORE my cycle scheduled in June when im 20...or maybe I should wait, and gain from the steroids first, THEN shoot synthol into my arms? Remember, before you flame me on wanting to use Synthol..almost EVERY pro bodybuilder uses least in their calves.
    so What should I do???
    Thanks for your help means a lot to me

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    Wrong board man.. no synthol talk here.

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    hey bro,
    i would hold off on the pump'n'pose for a while. there is something about quality muscle that you cant achieve by filling them with oil. it will come to you. takes years but thats what makes it special.

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