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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    This is my first post. Im in my first cycle and I am doing 40mg of dbol a day(40mg first four weeks 30mg 5th week and 20 6th week) 250mg of sust a week and 300mg of deca a week for ten weeks. I was going to bump the deca up to 400mg and the sust up to 500mg per week but is that going to be to much for my first cycle. Im 6'0 220lbs at the beginning of my cycle been lifting about three years. Any help would be much appreciated .


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    no need to do the d-bol for 6 weeks. stop at week 4 i'd say. plus that taper effect you have with the d-bol is pointless.

    your 250 sus / 300 deca will do you some good. could even up the sus to 500 if you wanted and leave the deca at 300.

    make sure you have your clomid for post cycle and any anti-e's on hand in case gyno starts to occur.....

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    I would stay at 250/300 you have plenty of time to do cycles at those levels. You will learn alot about what your life has to be like in order to get the gains you want in your first cycle. So when you get to one where you are doing 500/400 you will really get optimal results.

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    cmack26 Welcome to AR

    I agree with JRob.

    I would go with test enanthate only one ester and from what I've read it's a better chose for us first time cyclers.


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