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    Maybe I should have posted this somewhere else but since I was helped on this topic by scotttiger54, I wanted him to find the post. This is a very basic excel spreadsheet that I downloaded from a microsoft template and customized for my options, including the macro. It's very simple, you just put your body measurements there (you can add more measurements if you want, ex: wrists, etc, but you would have to add an extra row and add a formula), and keep track of your gains and losses. You use the macro to add an extra date and for each body part you measure it will give you the difference between your last measurements and also keep total measuments loss/gain. Here is a screenshot:

    For some reason, the first time my friend opened this file on his computer it took quite a while to process, but just wait a few minutes and it will work and won't happen again. If you concerned about viruses, I appreciate if someone with credibility on the forum scan it without even opening the file and then vouch for it. Don't click on the monthly or total gain/losses boxes to avoid changing the formula, but if you do, just click on edit/undo, or close the file without saving it.
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