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    What do you guys think of this cycle?

    Hey All

    Any comments on this cycle?

    Depatrone 400mg/w Week 1 - 10
    Boldenone 200mg/w Week 1 - 10
    Proviron 50mg/d Week 10 - 12
    Nolvadex 20mg/d Week 1 - 16
    Clomid 50mg/d Week 13 - 16

    Has anyone got any comments on using the proviron to help with PCT? I'm not too worried about huge gains, but I want to keep what I put on.

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    Whats Depatrone bro? if its test then up it to 500mg & up the EQ its so low to 400mg ew & ur anti's are good to go make th cycle like this

    1-13 test 500mg ew

    1-12 EQ 400mg ew <--it takes a long time before it kick in

    1-13 nolva 20mg ed

    1-13 proviron 50mg ed

    then the pct clomid & continue with the nolva & proviron.

    good luck,

    ][-][ ][-][ ][-][

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    Depatrone will be Test Cyp.

    How long must I wait before I start the Clomid for this cycle?

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    I like the cycle in post #2. EQ at that low of a dose for 10 weeks isn't going to do a dam thing but piss you off b/c you're not getting any results. Double the dose and run it for 12 weeks as stated.

    If changing to the above cycle then start your clomid 14-18 days after your last Test C shot. Controversial over exactly how many days on test c as I've seen 14 and 18. I've never used C but know that 14 days has been use with Great success.....

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