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    Primobolan D-bol

    need some help.i am 25 years old and i am about to do my second cycle the first one was sustanon only 500mg/week two years ago
    i have 12 ampules of primobolan 100/mg each and 100 d-bol 5mg/tablet i also have deca 20ampules 100mg each(i live in greece where deca is really cheap and easy to find)but i was thincking not to use it since i have heard that its not a good drug and i dont want to use much since i am a novice
    the problem is i dont know how to stack them so any advises from guys who know what they are talking about is welcome
    for exemple when do i take the d-bol in the morning with meal?
    once a day or twice because i've heard both
    what about primo once a weak 200ml or twice 100ml/injection?
    and what about legalon and liv tablets when do i take them?
    do i need a post cycle therapy with clomid or other?and where can i find it?

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    The point of no return.
    You don't have enough gear or knowledge to start a cycle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eGGz
    You don't have enough gear or knowledge to start a cycle.

    You need to doa lot more research before your run any sort of AS/ProHormone cycle. Knowledge is power.

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    keep reading and researching before you do anything. There's plenty of time to grow!

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    you will need about 600mg of primo per week.

    Dbol should be taking about 3 times per day with 3 hour gaps between doses

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