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    adding deca to sust only cycle

    here i am bros, 6weeks into sust only cycle 250 2*week. certainly looin leaner and meaner but not gaining that much weigt ( 6kg from base of 80kg) diet work out all good. i was wondering about adding in deca 500/week for the last 6 weeks to invrease my gains or should i increae cycle length and go for full 12 weeks deca and continue the sust for a further 12 weeks. ng whilst not my first cycle its my first long ish cycle love the gains i am making and wanna get bigger and meaner.. thanks for input bros

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    i don't think you'll get much, if anything from 6 weeks of deca . i you just want mass throw in 25mg d-bol ed for 4 weeks. if you want to get a little leaner muscle gains, try 50mg eod winstrol for the last 4-6 weeks.

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