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Thread: falling asleep

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    falling asleep

    I am not on day 6 of my fist cycle of test e. I have done two shots in my delts on my arms. The first day I shot, my arm went asleep in my sleep at night, woke up and it returned to normal, kind of like a arm just falling alseep. Now the day after my second injection, and my arm feel alseep again. this might be due to sleeping differnt due to arm injections, but has anyone heard of this, I just woke up from a nap and both my arms were alseep, and my fingers were curled up, coulndt move them, one min later and its all good.
    just wondering. thanks

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    I never heard of that. I know that the first time I hit my delts, my left arm was numb. The numbness started to go away after about a day. Not I shoot it and that does not happen.

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