Here is why our book at is a MUST have!

This is a comment found at T Nation about our book:

Let me start off by saying my experience with books of this type goes as
far as Anabolics 2005 and WAR; WAR being my favorite of the two.
Since yesterday I?ve had the opportunity to read the first seven chapters
(everything up to the profiles). So far it is damn good.

It?s written in a much more practical fashion than Anabolics ?05. I find
this similar to WAR, which is one of the things I have always appreciated
most about WAR. I definitely see this as being my new ?go to? book.

The only profiles I?ve read were for clen and ephedra. The clen profile is
simply awesome.
Chapter seven on how to put together a cycle is really good. It?s a ?teach
you to fish? instead of a ?give you a fish? type book.
As far as fit and finish go, it is very nice. It looks totally
professional. Production value seems very high. ?Nice job, definitely.