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    Well i can't find this info so anyways, im on my first injectable cycle and i have like 6 injections left and i went to get more needles for the rest of them and the longest needle any of the stores around have is 5/8 of an inch all of a sudden??? anyways ive only injected into my glute so where could i inject these ones at? im injecting 1ml of test e by the way so maybe biceps or tris? i dunno i really only wanted to do glute injections but im probly gonna have to switch now... i also couldn't find any pictures of where to inject in different areas, any help would be appreciated

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    in the middle of your delt.

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    do you know where i can find a pic .. of the injection spot

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    149 has some basic photo's and info.

    s p o t i n j e c t i o n s . com is usually very good but for some reason the site is currently down.

    For pins I like carecenter . com, they carry good quality pins.
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