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    cycle help and mishaps

    currently im undergoing a cycle of 500 mg test e every week. i shoot up 250mg monday, 250 thursday. due to bad planning and pulling a butter fingers ( dropping a loaded syringe into a toilet ) im going to be 500 mg short so i wont have enough to make the 2 last injections on the last week. my plan is to just swap test e for sus on the last week (250 mg sus on the monday 250 mg sus on the thursday) . if this is ok lemme know, if not i wont do it and ill stop being cheap and get more test. PEACE

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    Slow down dude.. you don't need 4 identical threads hahaha..

    I would just cut the cycle a week short, or get another bottle of test and extend it a lil bit... Test E is dirt cheap anyhow.

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    how many times u gonna post this ??? ..... delete those other threads bro

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